Join Us in Making North Carolina Diabetes Free

Every year in North Carolina, more than 50,000 adults are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes1.

You can help prevent or delay progression to diabetes by identifying and managing patients with prediabetes.

Impact of prediabetes in North Carolina

2.8 million NC adults have prediabetes. That’s 36.4% of our state population.1

Through the statewide initiative DiabetesFreeNC, your patients with prediabetes can attend an evidence-based National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) lifestyle change program free or at low cost, regardless of their insurance provider. This comprehensive program is designed to help your patients make healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices.

Here's what you can do


1. Identify your patients at risk for abnormal glucose.


2. Order appropriate lab tests, evaluate results and diagnose your patient.


3. For your patients diagnosed with prediabetes, engage in shared decision making and initiate treatment such as:

•   Referral to a National DPP  •   Pharmacotherapy with metformin  •  Referral to medical nutrition therapy


4. Follow up and support your patients through their treatment plan.

Access detailed clinical protocols for prediabetes identification and management here.

Want more information on the National DPP?

National DPP lifestyle change program referral options available in NC

Connect your patients through any of these choices:

Our Community Health Initiative (OCHI) allows you to digitally refer your patients with prediabetes to a community-based organization, such as a local YMCA, which offers a National DPP lifestyle change program. The referral is made through the EHR just as when referring your patient to a medical specialist. You receive updates on your patients’ progress over the course of their participation in the program, which can assist in ongoing treatment planning.

Click here for more information about Our CHI.

DiabetesFreeNC is a statewide initiative which connects North Carolinians at risk for developing type 2 diabetes to a National DPP within their community or online. DPP Navigators are available to receive DPP referrals from healthcare professionals and individuals, coordinate DPP enrollment, and answer questions about DPP. All referrals are coordinated by a DPP Navigator via phone, fax, email, and NCCARE360 and offers a bidirectional feedback methodology for referring entities. Call 844-328-0021 or click the link below to learn more.

Click here for more information about DiabetesFreeNC.

NCCARE 360 is a statewide coordinated care network that aims to electronically connect patients with needed community-based resources (such as access to healthy food, safe and affordable housing and transportation), and can be used to refer your patients to a National DPP lifestyle change program. NCCARE360 creates a feedback loop so you can monitor health outcomes associated with these connections.

Click here for more information about NCCARE360.

Interested in standing up your own National DPP lifestyle change program?

Join health care organizations across the country who are collaborating with the AMA and the CDC to offer a National DPP lifestyle change program for their patients.

Visit to get started.

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We need more physician voices

If you would like to help champion efforts to make North Carolina diabetes free in collaboration with the North Carolina Medical Society and the American Medical Association, email:

Franklin Walker, MBA

It’s time for a healthier North Carolina. Join us today.